Thursday, July 28, 2016

Happy Due Date!

My little Luke & Levi,

Today is your official due date. Although I knew you would for sure come before today, I had no idea you two would already be 11 weeks old already! You have grown so much and everyone that meets you can't believe how well you are doing for being born so early. My once tiny, fragile 2-pounders are now both over 7lbs and are getting chunkier by the day. You are sleeping a majority of the time so you can use all your energy to grow. Mom and dad sometimes have to wake you from your peaceful slumbers so that you can eat. You both love the Rock N' Play sleepers that Grandma Rachel bought you and to be swaddled in the blankets that Grandma Cheryl bought you. Your older brothers love to push the buttons on the Rock N' Plays but it doesn't bother you. Mom and dad try to get you to sleep in your bassinet but you much prefer the Rock N' Plays and mom and dad much prefer the sleep, so you win. :)

I'm torn throughout the day of how much time I spend cuddling and caring for you and how much time I spend tending to your older brothers. You both are still learning how to drink your bottles and it takes a while to get you all fed. Luckily we figured out how to feed you both at the same time so that has helped us free up more time, but mom and dad are still very busy throughout the day. Luckily you have been such angels for us that we still have our sanity, but we can't wait until you can sleep through the night so your parents won't be like zombies during the day anymore. We know we will look back at this stage and miss it (well, most of it) but we also are excited to see you continue to grow and see your personalities.

>> I never got the chance to finish this (as life was so crazy around this time!) but I wanted to at least post what I wrote.