Thursday, May 20, 2010

As Dug would say.. The Official Start of our Clog.

Ok. I admit it. I have fallen to the blogging world.
But can you blame me?
I read all this stinkin' cute blogs, AND.. I am absolutely horrible at writing in my journal. Hence the reason I am going to devote some of my Facebook time to posting blogs instead.
SO. We will see how this works out. Dug will most likely make fun of me when he asks me what I did on my day off. I'll say: "Things a good wife is supposed to.. clean, get groceries, and other much needed chores." I just might have to whisper the part of making a blog, though. Or I will be called a "clogger". Dug for some reason has a thing against internet sites like facebook, so he changes their names to make fun of them. {He secretly is on them all time though!} Jk. Can you tell we like to tease each other?

Speaking of my day off, it's been nice but it sure makes me miss my hubby more. Hopefully we will have time to eat a nice dinner and go to the temple tonight. But his work might own him a little longer than I would like. I am so grateful that he is such a hard worker though. And the thing that amazes me? He comes home from 12 hour work days and is positive & willing to do anything for me.
I am one LUCKY girl.
I love my stud of a husband.
End of Story. <3