Friday, April 27, 2012

Never Say Never

First off.. Sorry Bieb fans, this is not a post about the adored Justin. Maybe next time.
Hunter started rolling exactly one week ago. After all the tummy times we did despite his absolute hate for it, it paid off. We were SOO excited. He rolled 3 times in row. I was shocked because I had no idea that babies could roll this young {he was 9 weeks old!}. But, Hunter is a big, strong boy so I'm sure he's not the norm for his age. I decided to google it to see what the normal age-- and while I was reading I came across a website that said to be careful with leaving babies on beds, couches, etc because you can never know when they will start rolling, and this why most parents will at least have one time when their baby falls. When I read that, I thought, DUH! Who leaves their baby on the couch by themselves?! I thought, that will never happen to me.

This is when the title comes into place..

So lately Hunter has been high maintence, and by that I mean he requires ALL of my attention. Seriously. Even if I am holding him while trying to do stuff, he isn't havin it. And he lets me know. The good thing is that when all my focus is on him, he's one smiley boy. BUT.. putting him down to take naps has been impossible without me holding him in the exact way he wants while singing the exact song he wants. And even then, he fights it. Needless to say, I have been exhausted from singing and rocking and holding 24/7. I don't think I even remember how to talk to normal anymore.. all I know is baby talk!

Mr. Pouty when he doesn't get his way.

Well last night he seemed to be doing ok so I decided to see if I could set him down on the couch, less than a foot away from me. After I did, I turned around to grab the remote and turn the volume down. As I did, I heard a THUMP.

I guess you could say my heart did the same thing. Only a GAZILLION times louder and harder.

Then came a mothers worst fear: her baby's screaming cry of pain. I don't think I have ever had a faster reflex than reaching down and pull him close to me as I rocked back and forth. I don't think I even took a breath for a whole minute. My heart was still pounding and all I could think was how I could let that happen, how I was such a horrible mom. My poor baby fell!!!

After a few minute he calmed down and I was able to check for battle wounds. Luckily, I think the fall just scared him and to be honest, I don't know who was more scared out of the two of us. All I can say though is that I have never been that scared in my whole life {this never is okay}.

Moral #1 of the Story: Never say never!
Assuming that you will be the exception when it comes to things where you should be thinking "better safe than sorry".

Moral #2 of the Story: The floor is always better, no falling included!

On a happier note, here is a video of him rolling in his P.J's.
P.S. Today he fell asleep in his own little bed by his own little self. YES!
P.S.S. Because of the P.S., I told Dug we should have him sleep in his bed at night {yes, we have been letting him sleep with us since he sleeps soo much better}. Dug loves to cuddle with him so he called me "The Big Bad Mom Wolf" and now insists that to be my nickname. Oh, boy. Let the good parent, bad parent games begin.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Little Frog

No, we don't really have a pet frog {although we did just get a pet tortoise-- which is so fun to watch Dug take of}. I'm referring to this cute little man of ours.
Okay, so his name isn't frog. But we like to call him that because of the way he scrunches up his legs and hiccups {poor little guy had them all the time during my pregnancy and still has them a lot and absolutely hates it!} He makes a pretty cute frog, don't you think? Well this post is all about him-- better late than never right?-- and is mostly for ME to write down for memories since I'm horrible at keeping a journal. So, it might be a little lengthy, detailed, and mushy-gushy. Just warning ya.
Throughout my most of my last trimester, I felt really good. I continued to work up until the last few weeks before my due date. I totally thought our little boy would come sooner than he did as I was dialated to a 3 and 90% effaced two weeks before my due date. I had horrible braxton hicks at night that I thought were the real deal, and always to my disappointment {and a false alarm trip to the hospital}, baby was too snug in my tummy and loved kicking mommy's ribs too much to come out. I tried lots of things to get baby out but no matter how much I walked, bounced, ate spicy foods, he was determined to remain where he was {stubborn like his parents haha}. Let me tell you, I was SO ready to have our baby that I even set up to be induced, something I had told myself I didn't want to do. Dr. Bullaro was nice enough to schedule me before my due date, and so we were set to have him on Monday Feb 13th. Well a call from the hospital put me in tears when I found out I had to wait until Wednesday (which now I'm glad cause I like the #15 better.)
Soo.. Wednesday 3am comes around and we go to the Banner Gateway hospital and do all the paperwork. Dug, my mom, and my sister Brooke sat in the room with me while I got hooked up to pitocin. Contractions started but they were no big deal since I had all those nights to prepare me. Then around 8am, Dr. Bullaro came and broke my water. By 11am I was having intense contractions and couldn't be happier to see the epidural guy {nervous too though!} I was on the fense before about if I wanted one but after I got it I was SOO glad. I was pretty much on a high at that point. By the time I was ready to push, my nurse told me that she thought it would be pretty soon that he would be here. Well little did she know I was carrying almost a nine pound baby with a fairly big head. The epidural also was super strong that I did not feel one thing {it was wonderful!} My doctor kept telling me I was doing great and he was almost there. Well, the pushing lasted about 2 hours. I was soo exhausted and almost got to the point that I felt I might give up. Luckily my doctor was encouraging and so awesome that I didn't. And once I heard his cry it was all worth every second of work.
His signature move.. still does it to this day!
Hunter Douglas Adamson came into our family on February 15th, 2012 at 3:15pm. Unlike the 7lb baby the ultrasound led us to believe he was, he was a wopping 8lb 11oz, 21.5in. WAY bigger than Dug and I weighed when we were born. He had a cone head like you wouldn't believe, but I am just glad he had at least some hair {my doctor thought he might be bald. Now, the sad thing is he has lost some of that hair!} It was an experience that I will never forget and seeing and holding him for the first time made me extremely emotional. He was absolutely perfect. We had a couple names we liked picked out but we wanted to see him before we chose. Hunter was probably one of my last choices before, but when I saw him, I cried "Babe, he looks like a Hunter!" I was nervous I wouldn't have that ah-ha moment but fortunately it came pretty hard.

I was a big baby too..
After having him, I was pretty out of it and I don't remember a lot of what happened. I think that me passing out later that night partially had something to do with my memory loss {yes, I passed out after getting up. And yes my sisters freaked out because they were in the room. And yes.. after telling Dug that I thought he was going to pass out, I actually ended up being that person.} Dug did great the whole time and was helpful. He really did great considering how he usually does with blood and he even cut the ambilical cord! After all the madness died down and I looked over at him holding Hunter, I realized that I couldn't ask for a better Daddy for my son. Ever. He adores him so much and is always excited to help out {yep, changing diapers and all!}

We were really excited once we got home to start playing "house" as mom and dad. We have had a few rough and sleepless nights, and I won't lie, I have cried some good cries. But honestly, it is the most rewarding thing ever. Sometimes when I'm driving in the car and he's crying in the back, I feel like the worst mom ever and get overwhelmed. However, moments like when I reach back and feel his little fingers grasp around mine and he stops crying all that disappears and makes me one happy momma.
We are so blessed to have such a healthy, beautiful boy. He is now two months old and the time has seriously flown by! I can't believe he is 14lbs already-- he is a chunker! Seriously, he's a toddler. I love it though, he has the cutest fat rolls ever. It is so fun seeing him start to be more aware and smile and even giggle {especially during bath time}. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

So hopefully I can blog more about his cute face. But blogger changed a lot so its throwing me off. But I'll really really try!
His first easter. Grandma got him the cutest bunny outfit!