Monday, April 18, 2016

One of Those Eventful Days

Yesterday morning I got up and felt another big gush which is something I haven't had since Baby A's sac ruptured at 21 weeks. I waddled to the bathroom to find the same thing I found then - a lot of fluid and bleeding. I told my nurse and she came in and stuck my babies on the heart rate monitors and the contraction monitor on. I was having slightly contracting going on. After Doc came in he decided to check to see if I was dilated at all (painful but I wasn't dilated at all thankfully) and then started me on the IV magnesium in order to protect the babies brains in case I went into labor.

The magnesium (aka the drug of the devil, at least to me haha) is given in a large dose for 30 minutes and then it's tapered down and given for at least 12 hours. The large dose definitely was not fun as it made me really hot, flushed, and have a weird feeling in my lungs. I was so relieved when they finally turned it down and I felt a bit normal again. After not eating breakfast because I was afraid the magnesium would make me nauseous, I was grateful to eat lunch and not feel nauseous.

Luckily Doug was here all morning with me during all this and my parents came and stayed most of the day shortly after he left. Having them here was nice to help take my mind off of the effects of the magnesium. As the day went on, though, it got harder and harder to breathe and I felt like someone, an elephant maybe, was sitting on my chest. By the time I was done with my nightly monitoring, my chest hurt so bad. I asked my nurse if they were going take me off of the magnesium soon since I wasn't contracting and she said the in-house doctor had ordered it to continue through the whole night. After she left the room I broke down crying. I couldn't imagine going through the pain all night and knew I wouldn't be able to sleep even though I was exhausted.

The in-house doctor came in to explain to me his reasoning for keeping me on the mag throughout the night. He walked in during my crying episode and he did not handle it well. He made me feel like my crying was bothersome and made him feel uncomfortable. He couldn't even make eye contact with me the whole time he spoke. He asked me what was wrong and I told him about my lungs. He said "Well there has got to be more to it since you are crying." I wanted to punch him and say "Have you not read my chart? Any women who has gone through what I have gone through has every right to cry whenever she wants to!!" But I didn't, I just explained that my emotions have just built up and I finally released them. After he explained the reason to keep me on the mag was the worry that I'd start contracting again if it was stopped to soon, he told me he was willing to turn the mag dosage down and prescribe sleeping medication. He then asked if I had support in town, looking at me like I was a crazy lady who needed family to calm her down. Again, I wanted to punch him as I told him my husband was on his way. I was relieved when he left the room and I told my nurse I'm glad he wasn't my normal OB.. He had really bad bedside manners and only made my emotions worse.

Once Doug got here I tried to cuddle with him but the pain was too bad and I was still hot from the magnesium. So, he laid on his own bed but it was nice just having him there to vent to.. He's the best listener. I tried to sleep without taking the sleeping medication because 1) I hate taking any medication during pregnancy and 2) I was afraid if I fell asleep I would stop breathing. I was in so much pain that I threw up. Changing the dosage of the mag didn't help at all and I laid in my bed until finally I decided to take the sleeping pill at 1am. Thankfully I fell asleep!! When my nurse came in around 5am she said the doctor had decided to stop the mag since I threw up.. I guess he realized I wasn't lying when I said I was in a lot of pain. And... I didn't start contracting! 

This morning I have been exhausted and trying to get back to my normal self. We had the growth ultrasound today and babies are both measuring 1lb 8oz, which is a few days behind track but not abnormal for twins. Baby A still had some fluid around him despite the constant leaking I have. Baby A is head down and B is breech (he changes position every time!) My nurse removed my IV, yay! I hate being tied down. Now, I'm excited to shower and take a nice long nap. I hope no more days like yesterday happen again, at least until babies are big enough to come! 


  1. I can't believe that doctor was so rude! People like that make me have very unkind thoughts. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. We pray for you and Dug and the babies every day. James and Russell always say "Please bless Aunt Beezy and the babies". Love you guys! Hang in there! - Anika

  2. No fun at all. Glad to hear your babies are still growing good. We pray for your family girls call the twins "Hunter's babies". I remember when I was in the hospital- that's one lesson I learned was about service and how I need to serve more often. Love you to! Emily

  3. We will send super duper extra prayers your way! We love you guys so much and I'd love to bring you some goodies. Hang in there! Love and hugs.

  4. We will send super duper extra prayers your way! We love you guys so much and I'd love to bring you some goodies. Hang in there! Love and hugs.